Rachel E.

asked • 01/07/17

Help? (find the missing side)

Find the missing side of the triangle below. Estimate answer to one decimal place.
     A          b =4        C
         x x x x x x x x
          x 60°          x
           x              x
            x            x
             x          x
  c = 6     x        x  a = ?
                x     x
                 x   x
                  x x

Michael J.

If one angle is 60 degrees, then the triangle is an equilateral triangle.  Therefore, side b should be equal to side c.


Michael J.

Never mind my comment.  That statement I made earlier is a common assumption about triangles with an angle measure of 60 degrees.
You can have a 60-40-80 triangle.  As you can see, the angles are not the same.


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