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how many centimeters in a 100 yards

need help to calculate the answer for this question by showing all the necessary calculations involved for this problem listed

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 1 inch = 2.54 cm
  1 yard  * 3ft/ 1yrd * 3 ft * 12in / 1ft * 36 in * 2.54 cm/1 inch = 91.44 cm 
      0.91 meter.
  100 Yrd = 100 * 91.44cm = 9144 cm


This way only have to know 2.54 cm =1 inch, and conversion of English units to each other, and don't need to memorize so many numbers  with 2 decimal place of conversion of each English unit to metric unit.
Since 1 inch = 2.54 cm is an EXACT ratio there is an INFINITE number of decimal places in 2.54 cm/in.
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Another way to look at the problem:
100 yards=300 feet=3600 inches
1 meter=39.37 inches
3600/39.37=91.44018 meters
100 yards=91.44018 meters
1 meter=100 centimeters
91.44018*100=9144.018 centimeters in 100 yards
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Start with the conversion
1ft = 30.48cm
if we divide both sides by 30.48cm we can see that
30.48cm/1ft = 1
similarly, for yards to feet
1yard = 3ft
and dividing by 1 yard we get
3ft/1yard = 1
Now, we have 100 yards and want to find out how many cm this is equivalent to.  Lets convert the units. If we multiply by something by 1, we do not change the value
100yards = 100yards*1
but since we know
1 = 3ft/1yard
we can do
100yards = 100yards*(3ft/1yard)
100yards = 300ft
Now, to convert 300ft to cm, multiply by 1 in a similar way.
300ft = 300ft*1
and we know
1 = 30.48cm/1ft
300ft = 300ft*1 = 300ft*(30.48cm/1ft)
300ft = 9144cm
9144cm in 300ft, and therefore 9144cm in 100 yards.
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Everyone knows that the meter's length is rigorously defined. There used to be a platinum bar in Paris with two lines scribed on it that defined the meter. Now I think they use wavelengths of light.

But did you know that the English system of inches, feet, yards, etc., is just as rigorously defined? It is, because the inch is defined to contain EXACTLY 2.54 centimeters.

(100 yards)(3 feet/yard)(12 inches/foot)(2.54 cm/in)

= 9144 centimeters, exactly.