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How can rheumetoid arthritis and psoriasis can be cured by?

A)Parasite   B)Host    C)Producer    D)All the above


The question asks "how?', yet the choices are "whats."
Yeah that's the problem, I am referring a book for my biology class which consists this question. Really confused! Can you help me out if you have the answer?

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Hi Shawez,
Both conditions are auto-immune conditions implying that they have a genetic component accompanied by immune malfunction. in normal people immune-system attacks foreign toxins, viruses, bacteria etc. Auto-immune conditions arise when immune system in normal person starts attacking and destroying person's normal proteins. The cure would include gene editing and gene therapy to restore normal immune function. That option is not included in given choices. From those options, producer would be the answer closer to accuracy. producer of autoimmune condition ( that is patient here) would need to find a biologist to correct the gene leading to auto-immune condition/s.
Hope this helps.