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Input the equation of the given line in standard form.

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3 Answers

Hi again Lindsey;
SEE BELOW...!!!!!!!!!!!
Standard form equation is...
Ax+By=C, neither A nor B equal zero, and A is greater than zero.
Slope of a standard equation is -A/B.
Slope is (2/3).
The negative of slope is -2/3.
To establish the value of C, we will input the point provided, (1,1)...
Steve reminded me of the fact that A must be greater than zero.  Therefore, both sides must be multiplied by -1...


"A is greater than zero."
Hi Lindsay,
Steve is correct.  I made a mistake.  In my equation, A is greater than zero,  -2x+3y=1.  Both sides must be multiplied by -1---2x-3y=-1.
Y = mx +b / Slope intercept form
  mx - Y = -b  / Standard form
  2/3( 1) - 1 = -b
   b = 1/3
   2/3 X - 1 = 1/3
    2x - 3Y = 1
    It is easier,
Find standard form equation of a line with m = 2/3 and passing through (1, 1).
The easiest form to start with is point-slope:
y - 1 = (2/3) (x - 1)
Multiply both sides by 3:
3y -3 = 2x -2
-1 = 2x - 3y
Swapping sides:
2x - 3y = -1
Especially if calculus is in your future, learn this technique very well.