Darryl M.

asked • 12/05/12

how many electrons does aluminum have?

i need ti know how many electrons aluminum have

Abudu I.

Aluminum has 13 electrons in a neutral atom. The 1S2, 2S2 and 2P6 shells are full, and so is the 3S2. The 3P1 shell has one electron in it (in Al's neutral atom) and that gives aluminum one lone valence electron and two "semi-valence" electrons which can be loaned out. And what'll you bet that it would like to loan that electron out? Or the other two? You're right, it would like to do that. It's oxidation states are +1, +2 and +3.
It has 13 electrons and 13 protons because it is the 13rd element of the periodic table.



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Eric F. answered • 12/07/12

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Liz D.

Yeah. I don't understand this answer.


Michael M. answered • 12/05/12

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