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word problem / fractions

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3 Answers

One quarter of Winston's income is one sixth of Fans income.
This means that Winstons income is 4/6 of Fan's income or 2/3 of Fan's income, so the total income is 1 and 2/3 of Fan's income and is equal to 80000 dollars.
so Fan's income is 80000/(1 and 2/3)  = $48,000, and Winston's income is 2/3 of that, or $32,000.  
Hi Jaden;
fran and winston have a combined income of $80000. one quarter of winstons income is equal to one sixth of fans income. how much does each person make?
Let's note the fact that W=1w=(2/2)(W)
Let's combine like terms...
Let's multiply both sides by 2/5...
Let's check our work...
1) F + W = 80,000
2) F/6 = W/4    (A quarter of Winstons income is equal to one sixth of Frans income)
3) F=3/2W  (rearranging 2)
Plug 3) into 1)
5/2W = 80,000
W = 32,000
F  = 48,000    (Using 3)