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The postage on parcel a is 56 cents. The postage on parcel b is 3/4 of the postage on a what is the total postage on both parcel

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2 Answers

Hi Manny,
To answer this word problem, break it down into parts, and write down each part.
First, you have the price of one parcel, "a", which is 56 cents. We can write that like this:
a= 56
Then, we have the price of another parcel, "b", which is 3/4 of a. We can write that like this:
b= 3/4a
b= 3/4 * 56
b= 3*56/4
b= 168/4
b= 42
So, the price of both parcels would be a+b
56+42= 98 cents.
I hope this helps you see how you get your answer.