Lauren V.

asked • 09/18/16

please help! physics vector question in description.

You're out walking the dog when suddenly your find yourself standing on a frictionless oil slick. The dog is gently pulling on the leash, giving a 4.7 Newton force due North. Simultaneously a strong wind is blowing, providing a 15.7 Newton force directly to the West.
What is the direction of the net force vector? Give your answer as the number of degrees North of West. Make sure you do the following in your answer: DO NOT write out a description of your angle. The text "North of West" is not necessary. DO NOT put your answer in terms of "West of North". This will be marked as incorrect. DO NOT indicate units. We will assume degrees. make your answer correct within 0.2 degrees put your answer in a form like one of these: #.#

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Arturo O.

What surprised me a little about this question was wanting the answer in terms of north of west, instead of the more conventional i, j, and k unit vectors.  The "bossy" way the question had to be answered probably has to do with an on-line problem set, where the answers have to be entered in a strict format, for the computer to grade the homework properly.


Arturo O. answered • 09/18/16

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Steven W.

This is a very good answer, especially you DID NOT write out a description of the angle, DID NOT put your answer in terms of "West of North" and DID NOT indicate units.
The question write just sounded a little bossy to me... :D :D


Lauren V.

thank you so much!


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