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Help me Find an equation of a plane

With respect to the origin O, the lines l and m have vector equations r = 2i + k + λ(i − j + 2k) and r = 2j + 6k + µ(i + 2j − 2k) respectively. Find the equation of the plane which is parallel to l... more
3d Vectors


find a.b if a=|10| and b=|2| , and the angle between a and b is -pi/3 radians.

find a.b if a=|10| and b=|2| , and the angle between a and b is -pi/3 radians.
3d Vectors


Let \mathbf a = (-2, -7, -1)

Let a = (-2, -7, -1)   |a|=

Are linearly dependent vectors always coplanar?

If not, when would linear dependency imply coplanarity?


I need help finding the solution to a vector problem from my calc 3 lab.

I've tried to answer the problem but I'm pretty sure that everything I did was wrong. Here's the problem.   This fun problem relates to physics. In case you’re not a physics major, we urge you... more
3d Vectors Physics Vectors


What is the final displacement of the car relative to its starting point?

A vehicle travels 25 km at an angle of 20 degrees north of east, then turns and travels a distance 35 km of at an angle of 50 degrees west of north and finally turns and travels a distance of 10 km... more

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