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Dan walks to the store every week. It is 11/12 mile from his house. If he walks 3/4 mile, how far does he have to go?

How do you work the above question?
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2 Answers

OK, T, we have to subtract 3/4 from 11/12
If we let the distance he still has to go be D then
D = (11/12 mile) - (3/4 mile)
In order to do this, we have to convert (3/4) to a fraction whose denominator is 12.
(3/4 mile)*(3/3) = (9/12 mile)
So D =(11/12 mile) - (9/12 mile) = (2/12 mile) or (1/6 mile)
Hi T;
Sorry, I misread the question.  William is correct.