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Alyce S.

asked • 09/07/16

Write a two-column proof.

Given: 7y=8x-14; y=6
Prove: x=7
I need help making a two-column proof with the statements and the reasons, please! Thank you! ( This is what I have so far)
Statements             | Reasons
1. 7y=8x-14;y=6    |   Given
2. 7(6)=8x-14        |    Substitution
3.  42=8x-14          |????
4. ???                     |???
5. x=7                   |????
(I just stopped at 5 for right, that's not the exact steps I think the two-column proof actually has)
Thank you again for whoever helps me! Be Blessed

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Nathan B. answered • 09/07/16

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Elementary and Algebraic skilled

Alyce S.

Thank you so much Mr. Nathan! Be Blessed!


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