Isabella N.

asked • 07/12/16

Confused on Binomial Probability

A brand name has aa 6060?% recognition rate. Assume the owner of the brand wants to verify that rate by beginning with a small sample of 55 randomly selected consumers. Complete parts? (a) through? (d) below.
a. What is the probability that exactly 44 of the selected consumers recognize the brand? name?
The probability that exactly 44 of the 55 consumers recognize the brand name is

Jason L.

I'm assuming that's 60% recognition.
P(44/55 customers recognizing | 60% recognition rate) = 55C44 * (.6)^44 * (.4)^11 = .0087
Which is saying the total number of combinations of 44 customers times the probability of 44 customers recognizing the brand times 11 customers not recognizing.


Jason L.

Sorry I forgot a zero. Answer is .00087.


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