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Find three consecutive integers whose sum is -78

I've tried reading this problem over and over but I'm really bad at math please help me. it would help me so much for brains like you guys on here
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2 Answers

consecutive integers are integers that come one after the other. Ex: 1 2 3 are consecutive as are 7 8 9... etc 
for this problem, since we do not know the value of the integer we shall call it x.
So we have:
x + (x+1) + (x+2)=-78
combine like terms:
so the answer is -27, -26, and -25
Hi Haley ... with 3 consecutive integers, the middle no. is the average ... divide by 3 ...
-78 cut in 3rds is -26 -- the middle number ... -25, -26, -27 works ... Best wishes :)