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Form a polynomial whose real zeros and degree are given in factored form using a coeffiecient of 1...

Form a polynomial whose real zeros and degrees are given . give in factored form using a coefficient of 1.  ZEROS:-3,0,2;  degree:3 
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If the zeros = -3, 0, and 2, then x = -3 and x = 0 and x= 2 are input values for x giving real zeros for the polynomial. Degrees: 3 means the largest sum of exponents in any term in the polynomial is 3, like x3.
So when x = -3, x+3 is a factor of the polynomial. If you do the same for each real zero, you get (x+3)(x)(x-2). Now multiply the first two terms together, then then last two. Remember to use the FOIL method at the end.  Let me know if you get stuck.


I have a similar problem and I multiplied the first two and last two together and now I'm stuck, it says the degree is supposed to be 3 and I don't know how to get that