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Write a flow proof.

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2 Answers

There is nothing wrong with the question, guys, if we will assume that line segments LN and MJ intersect at point K, otherwise there is no enough information for a proof.

Statement: Line segments LN and MJ intersect at point K.
Reason: Given

Statement: Line segments JK and MK are congruent.
Reason: Given

Statement: Angles KLM & KNJ are congruent.
Reason: Given

Statement: Angles MKL and JKN are congruent.
Reason: Vertical angles are congruent (Theorem)

Statement: Angles NJK and LMK are congruent.
Reason: Congruent angles have equal degree measures.

Statement: Triangles JKN & MKL are congruent.
Reason: ASA Postulate.


Ha!  Great job.  Vertical angles strike again.
I can't personally think of a way to have two triangles that share the same angle K and are congruent without them being superimposed, in which case the other two vertices would not have different names.

Alex is correct that something had to be wrong with the question. We were given no diagram and with the ONLY the information given, the triangles can't be proved congruent.


I believe the question is not stated correctly:  it talks of two triangles, JKN and MKL; the only common POINT is K.  To say the angle(s) K are equal/congruent, due to identity/reflexive property, is not necessarily true ... it does not state anywhere that angle NKJ is equal to angle LKM!
I believe something was transposed in the "Given"!!