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word problems and turning them into algebraic equation to slove

This is a toothpick problem
A grid is 6 squares by 6 squares  ( you have 36 squares)
the vertical grid is n
the horizontal grid is n
 How many toothpicks are required to make the pattern? (suggestion is how many vertical toothpicks are used.
I have a formula but not able to plug in the right numbers to get my solution
vertical = (n+1) xn
horizontal= (n+1) xn
number of toothpicks = 2x(n+1)xn

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Your formulas look correct to me.  I'm not sure where you are having trouble.  Plugging in n=6 from the example gives:


Is this not the answer you are getting?  What makes you think it's wrong?


actually that's not the answer i got.
if you put 6 in for n
 84 toothpicks used and 42 used vertically.
Yes, that's right.  Sorry, I typed my 84 backwards.  *doh