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can someone help me with a homework problem?

A pond is being dug according to plans that have a scale of 1 in= 6.5 ft

the maximum distance across the pond is 9.75 inches on the plans. what will be the actual maximum distance across the pond?

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2 Answers

Your goal here is to convert inches to feet given the scale 1 in = 6.5 ft

Understand that on this scale 1 inch is equivalent to 6.5 feet, which means there are 6.5 feet per 1 inch (or,  6.5 ft / 1 in).

To convert 9.75 inches into feet, multiply 9.75 in by 6.5 ft/1 in. That is,

          (9.75 in)*(6.5 ft/1 in) = 63.375 ft

Thus, the actual maximum distance across the pond is 63.375 feet (or, approximately 63.4 ft) 


I believe your explanation is better. =)

We are given a scale that for every 1 in on the plan, the actual length will 6.5 ft. 

The maximum distance across the pond on the plan is 9.75 in. So that means we will need to take 6.5 ft 9.75 times. So out answer is 

6.5*9.75=63.375 ft. That's the answer. 

We can visualize this a different way

1 in = 6.5 ft

9.75 in = x ft

And from here it's a little more clear to see what needs to be done. 

Hope this helped!