Jane V.

asked • 03/04/16

Having trouble with these questions below... Please help show work and answer thanks!

Question #1
If 23.67 mL of a solution of Ba(OH)2 requires 15.05 mL of a 1.082 M solution of HNO3 for complete titration, what is the molarity of Ba(OH)solution?  answer in units of M 
Question #2
By titration, 26.5 mL of aqueous H2SO4 neutralized by 16.6 mL of 0.0385 M LiOH solution. What is the molarity of the aqueous acid solution? answer in units of M 
Question #3
A 27.3 mL sample of a solution of RbOH is neutralized by 16.8 mL of a 1.903 M solution of HBr. What is the molarity of the RbOH solution? answer in units of M 

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Bob F. answered • 03/04/16

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