Annette C.

asked • 11/18/12

How to solve this word problem with an equation?

During an evening out, Dean paid a cab driver $20. He then spent $25 on dinner and half of his remaining money on a painting. He brought an umbrella fro $23.75 and had $42.15 left. How much money did Dean have at the beginning of the weekend?

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Kathryn D. answered • 11/18/12

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Michael B.

Your textual description is perfect, but I don't agree with your equations.  To put it in a single equation, I would say:

        /------------------- Initial amount
       / /------------------ Cab
      / /  /---------------- Dinner
     / /  /   /------------- Half (painting)
    / /  /   /   /---------- Umbrella
   / /  /   /   /       /--- Amount left
((X-20-25)/2)-23.75 = 42.15

Solving this for X, we find that X=$176.80, same answer you arrived at.



Savannah J.

ok but can you explain how the flip i solve for x


Michael B. answered • 11/19/12

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