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Laynie J.

asked • 01/26/16

Please help... I need explanation and answers thank you!

Question #1
A 1335 mL sample of oxygen (O2) was collected by displacement of water at 24 degrees celsius under a total barometric pressure of 425 torr. What mass of dry oxygen was collected? The vapor pressure of water at 24 degrees celsius is 22 torr.

Question #2
We mix 129 g of oxygen gas with 24 g of argon gas at standard temperature and pressure. What will be the final volume of the gas mixture?

Question #3
A gas occupying 89 mL at standard conditions is heated to 25 degrees celsius while the pressure is reduced to 0.83035 atm. What is the new volume occupied by the gas?

Question #4
How many molecules are contained in 1442 mL of O2 gas at -10 degrees celsius and 508 torr?

Question #5
Calculate the volume occupied by 64.0 grams of CH4 at 127 degrees celsius under a pressure of 1581 torr.

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Reno O. B. answered • 01/30/16

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