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i need step by step help with adding, sub., mul, and div. fractions

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Without parenthesis I read this as 3/(4y3) + (2y)/(6y2).
ADDING: find common denominators. Both have a y in the denominator but have different exponents & different coefficients. To get the same coefficients you must multiply the top & bottom by a number which will make the coefficients the same. Simplest way is to say one has a 4 and the other has a 6, multiply each by the opposite number.
The first part: (6/6) x 3/(4y3) = 18/(24y3)  The second part (4/4) x (2y)/(6y2) = (8y)/(24y2)
The second part can be multiplied by y/y, y/y x (8y)/(24y2) = (8y2)/(24y3)
the result is 18/(24y3) + (8y2)/(24y3) = (18+8y2)/(24y3), Now simplify by factoring a 2 from the top and bottom.
(2(9+4y2)/(2(12y3) = (9+4y2)/(12y3)
My laptop is about to die so I will be back later to answer more. I hope this is step by step enough to help you see everything. Remember adding and subtracting require common denominator.