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asked • 01/07/16

Volume and Scale Factor

1. )A map is drawn for a cycling route that is 15 km in length using a scale factor of 0.000002 
     Determine the length of the route on map. 
2.) The original volume of a three-dimensional Chef Potato was 1309.0 cm3. What would be the volume of a three-    
 dimensional Chef Potato model with a height that is one quarter that of the original?
  The original height is 20
3.) Abed is designing an interactive three-dimensional flip calendar to be used on a desktop computer or a tablet.
a.) On the screen of a computer monitor, the three-dimensional flip calendar's dimensions are such that it has a surface area of 2100 mm2. A scale model of this calendar has a surface area of 52500 mm2. Determine the scale factor
b.) Determine the scale factor if the volume of the original calendar is 6860 mm3 and the volume of the scale model is 28000 mm3.
c.) The dimensions of a computer are 24 cm (vertical) by 42 cm (horizontal). How many calendar faces with a vertical height of 35 mm and a horizontal width of 28 mm would fit the screen without getting cut off if the original calendar is used as a repetitive background?

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