Sofie S.

asked • 12/04/15

What is the tension in the cable?

A sign with a mass of 1000.0 kg is suspended from a wall witha cable that is attched to the wall at a point 3 m above a horizontal beam that causes the sign to be a distance of 4 m from the wall.
What is the tension in the cable?

Sofie S.

How did you get 36.87 from using inverse tangen (3/4)? I come up with .643.
And how does 39,200=T*4*sin(36.86) equal 16,300 N?


Ben K.

Check the mode of your calculator for angle measurement. It looks like your calculator was in radians mode instead of degrees mode. Once you switch to degrees, you should get the 36.87 number. You probably have the same issue with the next calculation.
If you're using a TI calculator, there is a "MODE" button a few rows down from the top near the middle. Hit that, then hit the down arrow until you are highlighted over "ANGLE", then hit enter (or move to the right, depending on your model), move the highlight to "DEGREES" then hit enter again. Now you should be in degrees mode and you can get the same results as me.


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Ben K. answered • 12/05/15

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