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What is that score?

There were two teams who tied for top score. The score is figured out by adding both members of each team together. Jamie and Marshall are on one team, Marshall has 12 less points than Jamie. Shawna and Wyatt is on the other team, Shawna has twice as many points as Marshall and Wyatt has 4 less points than Wyatt. In as much as both teams have tied, what is the score for both teams?  If you could just give me a formula, it would help a lot. It has been along time since I took math classes.  grins. 


You wrote "Wyatt has 4 less points than Wyatt" -- what does that mean?

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J+M = S+W ......(1)
M = J-12 ......(2)
S = 2M ......(3)
M = W-4 ......(4)
Plug in (2), (3) and (4) into (1) in terms of M,
M+12 + M = 2M+M+4
Solve for M,
M = 8
J = M+12 = 20
S = 2M = 16
W = M+4 = 12
The score for both teams is J+M = 20+8 = 28 points. <==Answer