Angelica J.

asked • 11/08/15

Can you PLEASE help me with CHEM? Using bond energies to determine the enthalpy of reaction for the following reaction???

I am kind of confused with this, so if you could show your work so I understand how you get the answer, I would appreciate it more than you know!!!

Use the Table of Bond Energy Terms (BE), to determine H reaction for the following reaction. Enthalpy of Reaction (H) = H(bond enthalpies of bonds broken) - H(bond enthalpies of bonds formed)

C6H12O6 → 2C2H5OH + 2CO2

There are structural diagrams for this, but I can't put them up here. However, here are the bond energies that I have (I may be missing some, so please let me know)

C-O = 85.5
H-O = 111
C-H = 99
C-C = 83
C=O = 178
I thought it might look something like this, but my answer seemed really odd, so I think I did something wrong.. 
[7(CH) + 5(CO) + 1(C=O) + 5(OH)] - [10(CH) + 2(CC) + 2(CO) + 2(OH) + 4(C=O)]
I reduced and got something like -407.5 kJ, but I am very uncertain of how to solve these problems, so I don't think I did it write. 

Thank you SO MUCH for the help!!!

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