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How many pints can bottle A hold when full?

Bottle A is four-fifths full of water. Bottle B will hold 16 pints of water. When the contents of bottle A are poured into bottle B , bottle B is three-fourths full of water. How many pints does bottle A hold when full?

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1 Answer

a = Volume of Bottle A   b = Volume of Bottle B

Sentence 2 tells us that b = 16 pints.

Comparing sentence 1 with sentence 3 gives the equation 4/5*a = 3/4*b.

Since we know the value of b, we can substitute it into the equation we got from sentences 1 and 3.

4/5*a = 3/4 * 16

4/5*a = 3*4

4/5*a = 12

4*a = 60

a = 15 Pints