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what is 8c-12+5q=

I need the answer to see if I'm doing my homework right.

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2 Answers

It seems as if there may be some additional information that you may have not provided here...

But if this is how the problem was given with no additional info, then it would just be left as is:

  8c - 12 + 5q

OR, set the equation equal to 0 and isolate the terms with unknown variables to one side of the equation

 8c - 12 + 5q = 0   ==>   add 12 to both sides of the equation to isolate the terms with variables

 ==>   8c + 5q = 12 

Hi, Letitia.

What you have written does not have any like terms that can be combined, so it would just be 8c-12+5q.