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what particle has a mass of approximately one atomic mass unit?

a. proton
b. electron
c. carbon-12 nucleus
d. oxygen-16 nucleus

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A. Proton
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The atomic weight of hydrogen is 1.008 amu, and we know that it has one electron and one proton. Electrons are much smaller than protons, so the inference is that the proton weight must be closer to 1 amu than the electron. 
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Good ol' Proton 

Electrons barely weigh anything so you can neglect that negative bad boy. Carbon has 6 protons and about 6 neutrons to yield an Atomic Mass Unit (AMU) of 12. Oxygen totally has the same reason behind Carbon, 8 protons and 8 neutrons. 
Protons weigh the same amount as a neutron which is 1 AMU.
So 1 proton = 1 AMU 
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