Umair Y.

asked • 08/07/15

PHP Loop Help

Write a small program (Code) in PHP language using for loop which prints from 1 to 100.

Anthony F.

for (init; condition; increment)
     code to be executed
The “for” loop holds three parameters. The init can be any piece of code that needs to be executed once at the beginning of the loop. In most cases init is used to set a counter. The condition is used to evaluate if the loop needs to continue. The evaluation is done for each loop iteration. If the evaluation is FALSE, the loop will end.

for ($x=1; $x<=100; $x++)
echo "Number is " . $x . "<br />";

The output should be:
Number is 1
Number is 2
Number is 3
Number is 4
Number is 5
Number is 100.


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Stefan R. answered • 03/10/20

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