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asked • 06/27/15

translation and rotation

The vertices of ΔABC are A(-1,1), B(0,3), and C(3,4).
Translation : (x,y) → (x -3, y-3)
Reflection: in the line y = x
Is the composition a glide reflection?  yes or no
Is the image the same if the order of the transformations is switched? (reflection, then glide)     yes or no
using the above verticies....
Rotation:  90 degrees counterclockwise about the orgin
Reflection:  in the y-axis
If the transformations were performed in reverse order (reflection, then rotation), would the final image be the same?   yes or no
Would the reflection of ΔABC in the line y = x produced the same final image?  yes or no
thank you.

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Hisham A. answered • 06/27/15

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