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simplify 7v3 -4v3+2v3

i need a refresh

I forget how to solve this

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if this is the case and we are asked to simplify,

it means we should rewrite in its simplest form.

in this case, we can combine like terms.

Combining like terms mainly involves addition and subtraction as in this case.

so here, we can just perform the operations in front of the numerical coefficients and then include the variable. 

example, simplify: 7 oranges - 4 oranges + 2 oranges

=the numerical coefficients here are 7, -4 and 2. The variable here = oranges

so 7 oranges - 4 oranges + 2 oranges = (7 - 4 + 2)oranges = 5oranges.

Back to the original question simplify 7v3 -4v3+2v3,

substitute vfor oramges, we get (7 - 4 + 2)v3

so the answer becomes 5v3




well in that case, just treat the v3 or square root of three as "oranges" above. 

so just perform the operations with the numerical coefficients. 

so we get  (7-4+2)v3 = 5v3.

When adding or subtracting like terms, simply perform the operations just between the numerical coefficients and the include the variable to the answer of the operation. I hope you understand.