Provide an exact expression, not a decimal approximation.

Let f(x) = 6x ^ 2 + 2 .Evaluate f(1 + sqrt(5)). f(1 + sqrt(5)) =

Continuity of limit function

State the three conditions satisfied by the function f(x)  if it is continuous at x = c using mathematical notation. From this, justify mathematically whether the function  g(x)=x2 -1  is... more


white the equation

Write the equation of the circle centered at (5,−6) that passes through (−5,8).

Integrals Problem

Let y=∫1cos(x) (−9t+10sin(t))dt. Use the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus to find y′.y′=

Fundamental Theorem of Calculus question

Find G'(x) by using the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.

Find the average value Brooklyn Math GQS

Find the average value of the function f(x)=3x2-6x on the interval [1,3],and find value of c in this interval such that f(c) equals the average value.


Kawai requires a loan of $33,000 to buy a used sport utility vehicle. His banks offers financing at 6.75% compounded monthly, for a term of 6 years, payable monthly. What is the total cost of this... more

Relations and Functions

Determine g(x+a)-g(x) for the following function. g(x)=-x^2-xg(x+a)-g(x)=?Thanks!

Word Problem x5

The sum of the ages of Keegan and Esmeralda is 66 years. 6 years ago, Keegan's age was 2 times Esmeralda's age. How old is Keegan now?


Outsourcing of Jobs

The cumulative number of jobs outsourced overseas by U.S.-based multinational companies in year t from 2005 (t = 0) through 2009 is approximated by:N(t) = −0.05(t + 1.1)2.2 + 0.7t +... more


Finding the value of cot0

sec0 = 4 and sin0 > 0


geometry question

Part of a school’s stage is shaped like a sector of a circle, as shown below. The students do not yet know the exact dimensions of this part of the stage, but they want to identify as many... more


Scale factor .


Geometry worksheet

in ABC, if angle angle a is thirteen less than angle c and angle b is eleven less than four times angle c, find the measure of each angle


What is the cost of the bicycle?

Brian and his brother Matt both want to buy the same model bicycle. Brian needs $73 more before he can afford the bike. Matt needs $65 more. If they combine their money, they will have just enough... more


Precalculus problem

Given that sin(x) = 4/5 with x in quadrant 2, and cos(y) =-sqrt5/5 with y in quadrant 3, find the exact value of: sin(x-y) and cos(x-y)


Algebra 2 question read description

A roofer requires 16 h to shingle a roof. After the roofer and an apprentice work on a roof for 12 h, the roofer moves on to another job. The apprentice requires 11 more hours to finish the job.... more


What is the effect on the graph of f(x)=2x+1 when g(x)=8f(x)?

A The slope of the graph of g(x) is 8 times the slope of the graph of f(x). The y-intercept changes from 1 to 8.B The slope of the graph of g(x) is 8 times the slope of the graph of f(x). The... more

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