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english help urgent please

Read the passage.A warm, promising wind blew across the prairie that Easter Sunday in 1889 as Molly and her sister carefully folded their blankets and packed their few belongings in a large burlap... more


Wanting to learn Russian..

As a teacher how many hours a week would you recommend to start learning how to speak Russian, with the goal of being "mostly" fluent in 3 months? In terms of conversation? Thank You,Mark

Identify Noun : Do you know where Marissa’s house is? A: house B: know C: you D: Marissa’s

Im little confused what is the correct answer ? because that website showed answer is A : House. but D : Mariss'a is noun are not ?


Mystery behind silent letters?

I have doubts about words in the English language that have a silent letter. So I want to know how to understand whether a letter is silent or not.

Does Russian not have articles because of the declension of (predicative) adjectives?

>"This is not fair!" said the Russian after looking at a map when they realized that they were not at the state fair. I don't remember precisely how the joke goes, but it goes something like... more

Why do Russians say "Чего?" and not "Что?" when they didn't understand something?

> Иди, дело есть. ― Чего? ― спросил Карусельщик с подозрением, но из тумана все же показался. // *[Елена Хаецкая. Синие стрекозы Вавилона/ Семеро праведных в раю господина (2004)]* Could... more

Experienced in or "experienced of"?

What is the correct use of experienced, with *in* or *of*? For example, > I have experienced **in** system development. > > I have experienced **of** system development.

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