what i need answered

Solve the system 6x - 12y = 24 and -x - 6y = 4. Write your answer as a coordinate point


what i need answered

Solve the system -8x -10y = 24 and 6x + 5y = 2. Write your answer as a coordinate point


Pre algebra proportions

a recipe call for 1 1/2 cup of flour for every 2/3 cups of sugar. for 2 1/3 cups of flour how much sugar is needed


A uniersity has a student-facilty ratio of 12:1.

How many students are there for 2 faculity members?How many facilty member are there 120 students?How many students are there for 100 faculty members?How many faculty members are there for 5,400... more


what the area of a circle if the radius is 5


What is 3/4 divided 1/2


Finding Percents

At the beginning of the school year, Anderson Middle School had 480 students. At the end of the year, it had 504 students. What is the percent of change in the enrollment?


Three times the difference of -14 and 6 amounts to -60


similiar shapes

on a map 1/4 inch represents 350 miles how long would a line on a map need to be in order to represent 3200 miles

multi step proportions

Tyler is riding his bike from his house to the store, which is 4 miles away. Tyler gets to the store 18 min after he leaves his house. Find tylers speed in miles per minute

Fraction word problem

Janine ordered 3 pizzas. But before her guests arrived, she got hungry and ate of 3/8s of one pizza. How much was left for the party?


Math problem help

Simon bought 2/3 pounds of cookies he ate 4/5 of the cookies you bought what was the weight of the cookies that Simon ate


The area of a circle is A=9π. Find its radius.

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