"The Lottery" obviously focuses on the consequences of blindly following tradition. What is another theme developed in this story?

"The Lottery" obviously focuses on the consequences of blindly following tradition. What is another theme developed in this story? Explain and provide at least one specific textual example as... more


Grammar: Pick the correct word for the sentence (*Explain too*)

Help pick the correct word for a sentence (so that it makes sense)*Explain too*The teachers needed (this, that) type of stencil.(That/this) sunset was the most prettiest one I had ever... more


What are some proofreading strategies to follow?


How does Wei-Chen change through the book American-Born Chinese?

I also need a thesis for how he changes due to wanting to fit in. I need to write an essay about this analysing the panels, but I need three good examples of how he changes throughout the book. My... more

What sort of bookshops sell The Works of Aristotle?

In the beginning of The Great Divorce, C.S. Lewis' narrator states: > However far I went I found only dingy lodging houses, small tobacconists, hoardings from which posters hung in rags,... more

Is Theodore Roosevelt's writing ungrammatical?

Here is an excerpt from chapter 8 of Theodore Rex* by Edmund Morris (http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/40923.Theodore_Rex). Morris quotes some of Roosevelt's writing and calls it ungrammatical.... more

AmE/Writing: AN _hors d'oeuvres_ tray, or A _hors d'oeuvres_ tray?

The general rule I was given as a youngster was that if the initial sound of the noun is that of a vowel, the correct indefinite article is “an”, while if it started with a... more


In the poem “The Foot” by Alice Jones explain the meaning of the poem through close reading. Any literary elements??

Our improbable support, erected on the osseus architecture of the calcaneous, talus, cuboid, navicular, cuneiforms, metatarsals, phalanges, a plethora of hinges,all strung together by... more


How do I teach English as a foreign language to a child?


which politician led a campaign against foreign-born radicals,later called Red Scare,after a bomb was mailed to his house?

A)Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer B)Secretary Albert B.Fall C)Vice President Calvin Coolidge D)Secretary Daugherty

Have Liberals betrayed Mill and the core concepts of On Liberty?

Just a question for a college essay, I do not know how to answer this question. 

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