Solve the equation: z^2 + |z| =0 where z=x+ iy.

Solve the equation: z2+|z|=0 where z=x+iy (x,y ∈ R and i2=-1)

Quadratic formulas


when two circles have a common chord, their centers and the endpoints of the chord form a quadrilateral.

What kind of quadrilateral is it? What special property do its diagonals have?


Immediate help

Hi everyone. I have a complex statemant with Gamma functions. I wil be so happy if someone can help me. I have uploaded its formula image in this... more


What is the slope of a line parallel to the line y = -3x+11

I need help to answer this questions so that I can pass my unit exam 


A seat of mass 3 kg is suspended by a rope that is attached to a treebranch. The seat is pushed sideways, so that the rope remains taut, andmakes an angle of 55? with the downward vertical. The... more


Word Problem

grace had 3 times as many stickers in her collection as taylor. when grace gave 19 stickers to taylor, each girl had exactly the same amount. how many did the girls have altogether?

Diverges or converges?

(infinity symbol) ∑ (n^2)/(5n^2+4) n=1   How do you know if it diverges. Please explain step by step. 


A projectile is fired straight up at a speed of 19 m/s.

A projectile is fired straight up at a speed of19 m/s.How long does it take to reach the top ofits motion? The acceleration due to gravity is9.8 m/s2.Answer in units of s.

A basketball team played 70 games. They won 24 more than they lost. How many games did they win? How many games did they lose?

I believe this problem is either solved by substitution or elimination. I am in Intermediate Algebra. 


Given independent events...

Given independent events, A and B, such that Pr[A]=0.05 and Pr[B]=0.12. Determine Pr[A U B].

Ordinary differential equations ???

How do you solve this differential equation,     (x-y2 )dx + 2xy dy =0

Setting up an equation to solve a three number word problem.

Find the angle measures of a triangle if the second angle measures 10 degrees less than twice the first, and the third angle measures 25 degrees more than the second.


complex analysis

The radius of convergence the series     ∝   ∑  z2n / zn   is  n=1   a) 1          b) √2   c) √3         c) √5   ans is √2 ,but i cant understand how does it happen,  please help me... more


Prove that

x1/x2 + x2/x3 + .......... + x201/x1 ≥ 201


. Show that any linear transformation maps the origin to the origin.

Please answer the question. I am stuck and I do not how to prove the question given. 

Continuity problem

f(x)= (x^2+4)/(x-2) if x<=3 or kx-3 if x>3   Determine a value for k that makes the function continuous on the interval (2,10) for all real values of x in that interval. Please solve this!

Express limit as definite integral?

limit as n goes to infinity.   n Σ     i4/n5     on interval [0,1] i=1   Options are:  1             1              1            7          1 ∫  1/x5  , ∫  1/x4    , ∫  x4   ,   ∫  x5  ... more


Prove that if a?(-1,1) then an converges to 0 as n?8

Prove that if a∈(-1,1) then an converges to 0 as n→∞   I have had trouble proving this with the correct notation.


How does Sn = 1 + t + t^2 + ... + t^(n-1) = (1-t^n)/(1-t)?

The original question is "show that if t∈R with modulus of t < 1, then the series ∑n=1inf tn-1= 1+t+t2+... coverges.


Two lines, C and D, are represented by the equations given below:Line C: y = x + 14Line D: y = 3x + 2Which of the following shows the solution to the system of equations and explains why?A(6, 20),... more

second degree polynomials ?

The question asks:   Write a second degree polynimial equation with real coefficients and the given root.   4+2i  

geometry question

  Let triangle ABC and triangle DEF be similar triangles such that the scale factor of triangle ABC and DEF is (2/3). The perimeter of triangle ABC is 20 inches. What is the perimeter of triangle... more

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