Line tangent to a parabola

The plane of equation x + y = 1 intersects the cone of equation z = 4 − √((x^2)+(y^2)) in a parabola. Verify that the point of coordinates (3/7, 4/7, 23/7)is on that parabola and find the equation... more


Evaluate the double integral by first identifying it as the volume of a solid.

∫∫ 2x+1 dA    R= { (x,y): 0≤x≤2 , 0≤y≤1 } 

Find the power series of (x^2)ln(3-x) using term by term differentiation/integration?

how would you find the power series representation of x2ln(3-x) using term by term differentiation or integration?


find the optimization value of P, x+y=63 and P=x^2(y) are maximized. Nonnegative

help me solve this


f(x)=519 ln(x)+1768 (9 less than or equal to x less than or equal to 12) where x=9 corresponds to the year 2009

(a) was  government consumption increasing or decreasing during this period? (b) determine whether the graph of the government consumption function is concave up or concave down and explain what... more


Find the path C such that C(0)=(-3,-1,4) and C't=(6t, e^(6t), t^3)

I know x=3t^2-3, and z=(t/4)^4+4. But I don't know how to find y. The correct answer of y is e^6t/6 - 7/6. How to get it? I stop in the step (1/6) e^6t+C.   How to get the C? How to find the anti... more


A loaf of bread is a perfect cube. Five slices each .6 inch thick are cut from one end.

A homemade loaf of bread turns out to be a perfect cube. Five slices of bread, each .6 inch thick are cut from one end. The remainder of the loaf now has a volume of 235 cubic inches. What were the... more


Identify the arc length of BD in terms of p and rounded to the nearest hundredth.

                                  Options:   ≈ 16.36π in. ≈ 36.42 in. ≈ 3.04π in. ≈ 9.55 in. ≈ 4.09π in. ≈ 12.85 in. ≈ 5.09π in. ≈ 15.04 in.


Find a formula for f^(-1)(x) if f(x)= ((x-1)/(x+1))^3 Find f^-1(x)= Find (f^-1)'(x)=

Find a formula for f^(-1)(x) if f(x)= ((x-1)/(x+1))^3Find f^-1(x)= Find (f^-1)'(x)=

algebra 2 problem

Can I get some assistance with thisGiven the following polynomial, finda. The zeros and multiplicity of eachb. Where the graph crosses or touches the axisc. Number of turning pointsd. End behaviorf... more


Altitude question?

You need to obtain photographs at a scale of 4 inches per mile with a camera focal length of 6 inches. Average ground elevation of the area to be photographed is 1,500 feet above mean sea level.... more


geometry question

. Choose a pair of coordinate points. On a sheet of paper or in a graphing utility, graph the line that connects the two points. Write the slope-intercept form of this line (A). Write the... more


Proove the following



integration of under root 1+ sin/4x

integration ∫ √1 + sinx/4

finding tangent on a scientific calculator

I am finding the resultant force of two vectors. I understand everything except the last step. I have come to the following step:   tan θ = -22.28/12.26   To show you the process, I will show... more

Describe the graphs of the functions f(x) = 2x - 1 and g(x) = -2x - 1. Compare and contrast the domain and range of f(x) and g(x).

Describe the graphs of the functions f(x) = 2x - 1 and g(x) = -2x - 1. Compare and contrast the domain and range of f(x) and g(x).

Differential Calculus

I asked a question earlier about open and closed intervals, so why did my teacher say this was wrong?    Determine any values of c in the interval [0,2pi] for which f'(x) = 0.   f(x) = cos... more

Calculus Triangle Related Rate

So I have a problem where there is a right triangle with the height (4500ft) and the rate at which the angle is changing (pi/180radians per second) and I need to find the ground speed. I figured... more


Based on its degree, what kind of polynomial is this?H(x)=4x^4+2x-5


A solid of Revolution

Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by the given curves about the specified axis.y=4x^2, x = 1, y = 0, about the x-axis

g is defined recursively by g(1)=2 and g(n)=2g(n-1) where n is greater than/equal to 2...solve for g(4)

that is g(n)=2g(n-1)   i think i am stuck on where to plug in what.... i know that a series/sequence defined recursively is g(n)=g(n+1)=(n+1)g(n) so if g(1)=2 then for the g(n)=2g(n-1)  for... more


definition of rounding off in square roots

definition of rounding off and approximation  


How to Prove

Sin2 (6x) - Sin2 (4x) = sin(2x)Sin(10x)

Are there any quadratic equations that cannot be solved by factoring? Why or why not?

Are there any quadratic equations that cannot be solved by factoring? Why or why not?

how can i see that a quadratic equation does not have factors evn before solving it

This is a general question  

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