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Triangle peremiter question. Please help!

One side of a triangle has length of 12cm and the second side is 3cm longer than the third side. Find the lenth if the perimeter is 72cm.
Triangle Sides


In a triangle, the measure of the first angle is the twice the measure of the second angle.

word problem
Triangle Sides


Boat is 92 ft. from the base of a cliff. Distance from top of the cliff to the boat is 23 less than twice the height of the cliff. Find height of the cliff.

 I tried using Pythagorean Theorom with one side being 92, one side being X, and the hypotenuse being 2X-23.  I could not figure it out. Any help?
Triangle Sides


Length of Wire connecting two poles of different height.

An electrician must attach ground wires to the tops of two poles that are 48 feet apart. One pole is 32 feet tall, and the other pole is 18 feet tall. The electrician decides to use a single wire... more
Triangle Sides


help solve missing side of triangle

please help me solve to find the missing side of a triangle.  One side is 1/2x + 11 and the other side is 2x + 1.  The missing side is labled as ,x, .   Would I start as a^2 + b^2 = c^2?
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what is the lengths of a right triangle if the hypotenuse is 12 and the area of the triangle 24?

I actually don't need the answer as much as how to figure out the problems.  I don't know how to do it with out know another side or angle.

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