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Conjugación Imperfecto


Conjugacion - Imperfecto

-Antes, yo, (hablar) con mi hermana pero hoy ya no.-Cuando (ser) joven, (ir) a la playa cada dia.-Por qué (querer - tù) venir conmigo ?-A mis padres les (gustar) llevarme al mercado.-A poco no... more


Let's go in Spanish: vayamos vs vamos vs vamonos?

I understand that "Let's go" in Spanish is `vamonos` or `vamos` depending on the context. However, I have also learned from grammar books that all the "let's..." constructs translate into Spanish... more
Conjugación Spanish Gramática Verbos


Acordar or recordar? What's the correct use?

Commonly I heard people saying "oye, te acuerdas de esa pelicula?", the same way I heard "oye, recuerdas esa pelicula?". I've always believe that the action of `recuerdo` comes from `recordar`,... more

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