Sara M.

asked • 04/21/17

Assess the reasoning of the researcher.

A researcher reasons that people who read newspapers are likely to be more knowledgeable about personal finance than readers of tabloid newspapers. He interviews 100 people about the newspaper they read and their level of financial knowledge. Sixty five people read tabloid and thirty five read broadsheets. He finds that the broadsheets readers are on average considerably more knowledgeable about personal finance than tabloid readers. He concludes that reading broadsheets enhances levels of knowledge of personal finance. Assess his reasoning.

Kendra F.

The researcher has overlooked the relationship between education/occupation of the reader and their choice of reading material. It could be reasoned that someone interested/educated or working in personal finance would be likely to read a newspaper whereas someone not interested wouldn't.


Kendra F.

So, the researcher's conclusion that reading a newspaper enhances a person's level of knowledge on personal finance is unsubstantiated. The study would need to show increasing personal finance knowledge after reading more and more newspapers.


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Lucinda L. answered • 04/21/17

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