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Pre Calculus


Sums and Arithmetic Series Quick Questions

Jenny decides to raise money for her local charity by encouraging people to lay quarters on the floor of a classroom in the shape of an equilateral triangle. She puts one quarter in the first row,... more
Pre Calculus


Pre-Calc Questions

Give a practical interpretation in words of the function1) k(g(t)), where L=k(H) is the length of a steel bar at temperature H and H=g(t) is temperature at time t2) t(f(H)), where t(v) is the time... more
Pre Calculus


Help ? Logs

What is the inverse of y=(1/2)^x --------------------------------------- find the given logarithm w/out using log function on calculator 1)... more
Pre Calculus


Help ? Porfavor ? Gracias :)

Re write the exponentian equatiin in equivalent logarithmic form 1) e2 =7.389 -------------------------------------- if possible write the expressions using sums and/or difference of logarithmic... more
Pre Calculus


I neednhelp with this...

Find the half-lives of the substances 1) einsteinium-253, which decays at a rate of 3.406% per day ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2) You place $800... more
Pre Calculus


Logs and natural logs question ...please ? thanks

Let u=log 2 and v=log3. evaluate the following expressions in terms of u and/or v. 1) log... more
Pre Calculus


Could someone help me with these please ? I'm a little confused

Express the following in terms of x without logs. 1)ln e^2x 2)e^ln(3x+2) 3)ln(1/e^5x) 4)ln sqrt(e^x)
Pre Calculus


Evaluate without using a calculator

1) e^ln2 =x 2) ln(1/sqrt(e))=x 3)(1.45)^x=25 4)10=22(0.87)^q
Pre Calculus


sqrt e^9t =e^t

could some one help me with this pre-calc question please ? Logarithms and their properties
Pre Calculus



Could someone please help me with this pre-calc question ? thanks ? :)
Pre Calculus Logarithms Expand


How do you expand ln(4x)(y^1/5)

I am wondering how to expand this log function. This description needs to be 20 words long but you don't need that many to describe this problem. Ya feel?
Pre Calculus


cos^2x(sinx) simplify the expression

I have no idea what to doafter this.  I got to    cos^2x/sin^2x (sinx)  
Pre Calculus


how to factor f(x)=6xcubed-7xsquared-89x+140 completely

This is a pre-calculus question. Its chapter 4 in the Holt pre-calculus textbooks.
Pre Calculus Quadratic Equations


How do I write this is standard form: y= 2(t-1)^2+12

How do I write this equation in standard form? ax^2+bx+C
Pre Calculus Trigonometry Functions


p(x)+p(5), if p(r)=4r^2+5

p(x)+p(5), if p(r)=4r^2+5 I do not understand how to do this question I have read over the chapter and I still don't understand how to do this function.
Pre Calculus


In the equation 3x+2y=9, if x increases by 2 then y does what?

Increases by 2 Decreases by 6 Increases by 3 Increases by 6 Decreases by 3  



solve the following equation...I am confused... what i have so far: 2cosx-2+sin^2=0 ....  
Pre Calculus



I can't figure out how to start solving it. Haven't used this site before, please help? I have to find the exact solution in simplified form.
Pre Calculus


The focus of a parabola has coordinates (0,-3/10) and the vertex at the origin. Find the equations of the directrix, the axis of symmetry, and the parabola.

This has to do with the focus and directrix of a parabola.
Pre Calculus



I am trying to find the y-intercepts without using a graphing calculator. How do I go about with that equation?

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