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Periodic Table Chemistry


Why is the 2nd ionization energy of Aluminum higher than that of Silicon?

According to the ionization energy periodic table trend, silicon's should be higher but its. 
Periodic Table


Why does electronegativity increase as effective neutral charge increases?

I know that electronegativity is the ability to attract shared electrons and that effective neutral charge is the pull of the nucleus on outer electrons based on my notes. But I'm not really sure... more
Periodic Table Chemistry Chem


Ionic Size

I really don't understand what this is asking... please help.   1.) As you move left to right across the period, there are two elements that instead show a decrease in ionization energy. Identify... more
Periodic Table Chemistry Elements


To which group in the periodic table does element M belong?

A certain element M is a main group metal that reacts with chlorine to give a compound with the chemical formula MCl2 and oxygen to give the compound MO. To which group in the periodic table does... more
Periodic Table Chemistry Period


How do I calculate the number of protons and neutrons for a fictitious element when only given the atomic weight?

I have a list of fictitious elements to put into a periodic table (of my own design).  I have the atomic weight, physical state (gas, diatomic gas, hard brittle solid, ,hard w/high melting point,... more
Periodic Table Physics Physical Science


which list of elements contains only metal?

- helium, carbon, gold - sodium, chromium, copper - iodine, iron, nickel -phosphorous, nitrogen, oxygen
Periodic Table Chemistry


as you move left to right across a period does what does the number of valence electrons do?

 -increases -stays the same -decreases -increase & then decrease 
Periodic Table


Within a period, what happens to the atomic radius as the atomic nuber increases? Why?

My super intelligent chemistry teach told me that my answer could NOT have directions in it or else no exception s and it will absolutely be mark wrong and this question is worth more than half of... more
Periodic Table


how to complete a table using f(x) = ^2

I do not understand how to complete this table.  Would you show me how to get started.  thanks     f(x) = x^2                       x   =    0               + 1               ... more

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