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Formalidad Spanish Historia


What is the etymology of the pronoun "usted"? What formal pronouns existed before?

What is the etymology of the pronoun "usted"? What formal pronouns existed before, and when did the current "usted" come into existence?
Formalidad Spanish Pronombres


Why is "Usted" grammatically a third person?

In English polite form of address is "You" which is second person singular and plural. In Russian it is "Вы" which is plural second person. In Spanish (and probably French and Italian) polite... more
Formalidad Spanish Gramática


Que si, Que no" incorrecto o agresivo como respuesta a una pregunta?

Mande a un amigo esta frase (en el medio de una conversacion mas larga) ***Que si, lo he probado*** Me ha respondido mi amigo ***cuando dices 'que si;', es incorrecto, ademas suena 'agresivo',... more
Formalidad Spanish Gramática


Using "he/she" and "usted's" possessive pronoun in a sentence?

I have a sentence: > "Father, he was writing in your notebook." Wouldn't that translate into: > "Padre, el estaba escribiendo en su cuaderno." Wouldn't that be confusing because it could... more

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