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Asked • 06/25/19

Translation of "bug" to Spanish?

What is the best way to translate "bug", as in a misfeature of a computer program or device?Google translate offers a few options, none of which quite seem to fit, except the term itself:- bug → bug- error → error- bicho → insect, beast, creature- fallo → failure- insecto → insectSo I used the word 'bug' in a conversation with someone, but they had no idea what I was talking about. Granted, this person was not a techie, but even the least techie of people will understand if I say "My program has a bug" in English.How can I communicate the same thing in Spanish?

Isabel G.

In this case the word “bug” is not translated but the interpretation of it and context. What you want to say is “mi programa/ computadora tiene un fallo técnico”


Catalina L.

It depends ... virus, chinche etc Example: Hay chinches en el cuarto de ese hotel. Mi computadora tiene virus. Esta medicina es buena para combatir el virus de la tos. Hope it helps!


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Jennifer C. answered • 06/26/19

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