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Implicit Differentiation Math Calculus Differentiation


find dz/dt of z^2=x^2+y^2 with z>0

dx/dt=2,dx/dt=2, and dy/dt=6,dy/dt=6, find dz/dtdz/dt when x=6x=6 and y=8.   z^2=x^2+y^2 z=(x^2+y^2)^(1/2) dz/dt= ..I'm stuck at this point how do I differentiate it with the square root?
Implicit Differentiation Math Natural Logs


implicitly differentiate y=e^(-mx)

I don't get how to do this and I'm not sure how to use the ln    y' = 
Implicit Differentiation


Runner and his friends (Implicit Differentiation)

A runner sprints around a circular track of radius 100m at a constant speed of 7m/s.The runner's friend is standing at a distance 200m from the center of track.How fast is the distance between the... more
Implicit Differentiation Calculus Differentiation


use implicit differentiation to find y'

Implicit Differentiation


Implicit differentiation

Hi,   this one has me got me confused.   find dy/dx at the point (0, -1), if y7=(x2-1)3+4extan-1y+pi   Any help would be greatly appreciated.   Cheers   Michael
Implicit Differentiation Calculus Differential Equations Limits



I need help answering this word problem...I need to find the function P(t) and I just can't remember the process whatsoever   "A company has its profit function P(t) defined since its inception... more
Implicit Differentiation Calculus Algebra Factoring


Simplifying a function to get a tangent line

In the middle of solving this implicit function/using implicit differentation to find its tangent line, this is what I have so far:   Original function: y^3+x^3-2xy=8 (find tangent line at... more
Implicit Differentiation


tan^3 (xy^2 + y)=x

 find dy/dx
Implicit Differentiation


tan^3 (xy^2 + y) = x

use implicit differentiation
Implicit Differentiation Math Calculus


Find dy/dx by implicit differentiation : e^(x/y) = x - y

Find dy/dx by implicit differentiation : e^(x/y) = x - y
Implicit Differentiation


Tan^-1 (x^2y)=x+xy^2

Need to use implicit differentiation.
Implicit Differentiation Calculus


Could someone guide me in the right direction of solving this problem? The problem is: tan^-1(4x^2y)=x+2xy^2

I'm having trouble solving this problem.
Implicit Differentiation Calculus Trig Functions


find dy/dx for cos(x^2y^2)/sin(x^2y^2)=2x

The original equation is: cos(x^2y^2)/sin(x^2y^2)=2x   I simplified it to cot(x^2y^2)=2   I used chain rule to get -csc^2u * du/dx and found du/dx= (2x^2yy'+2y^2x) new equation:... more
Implicit Differentiation Differentiation Differentiate Y'


Differentiation - Show steps!

Suppose y is defind implicitly as a function of x by the following equations, where g is a given differentiable function of one variable. Find an expression for y'.   a. xy=g(x)+y3 Ans: y' =... more
Implicit Differentiation


Find the equation of the tangent line to the ellipse at the given point

(x2/a2) + (y2/b2)=1   Point (m,n)     Answer should be in terms of x,y,m,n,a,b and answer is _______=1
Implicit Differentiation


At what point is the tangent line to the curve y^3=2x^2.....

At what point is the tangent line to the curve y^3=2x^2 perpendicular to the line x-2y-10=0 ? (x,y) format
Implicit Differentiation


Find by implicit differentiation.

Find d^2y/dx^2 x^6y^2-4=0
Implicit Differentiation


Given y(2x^3-7)^4

Differentiate by using chain rule y=(2×^3-7)^4
Implicit Differentiation Calculus


Find an equation of the tangent line to the curve (x^2)(e^y)+(ye^x)=4 at the point (2,0).

I think you're supposed to use implicit differentiation, and then solve for the equation after finding the slope.
Implicit Differentiation Calculus Differential Equations Maths


calculus question......

the position function s of a point is given by two dimensional quantities  where t in seconds and the y direction is affected by gravity (10m/s/s). y(t)=4t*sin(θ) - 5t2       &      ... more
Implicit Differentiation Calculus


Find the point besides the origin where the graph of xy=x+y^2 has a vertical tangent

It's Calculus. Implicit differentiation is used. 
Implicit Differentiation Calculus Graph Vertical Tangent Line


Find the points where the following graph has a vertical tangent line

Find the points where the following graph has a vertical tangent line. 4x2 + y2 -8x + 4y + 4=0

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