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Equation Of Lines Algebra 2 Parallel Lines


Equation of a line

What is an equation of a line parallel to the line 9y - 2x =36 and containing the point (-10,12)please help
Equation Of Lines Algebra Slope Intercept Form


how do you put y=-4/6x-2 in standard form?

would the negative sign go with the numerator or denominator when you multiply all the terms by the denominator
Equation Of Lines Linear Equations Slope


Why is the standard form of 11y=-2x-33, is 2x-11y+33=0?

If the standard form of 7y=4x+63 is 4x-7y+63=0. Only the sign of the 7y has switched. How came all the sign switched for 11y=-2x-33 ? Please help me 
Equation Of Lines


Find the equation of the line that passes through (-5,8) and (-3,-4)

Find the equation of the line that passes through (-5,8) and (-3,-4)
Equation Of Lines


Question in description

1) A hospital is to be built to serve 3 surrounding cities. Flagflog is located at (-40, 70) on a map, Herbert is located at (10, 80) and City is located at (-20, 50). Where should the hospital be... more

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