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Financial Accounting Accounting Finance


What is the current value per share at a discount rate of 14 percent?

Martin's Yachts is expected to pay annual dividends of $1.40, $1.75, and $2.00 a share over the next three years, respectively. After that, the dividend is expected to remain constant at $2.00 per... more
Financial Accounting Accounting Finance


What is the maximum price you should pay per share if the company pays a constant $2.70 annual dividend per share?

You have decided to purchase shares of GHC but need an expected 12 percent rate of return to compensate for the perceived risk of such ownership. What is the maximum price you should pay per share... more
Financial Accounting General journal entry Perpetual


Perpetual General Journal

Sold merchandise to cornerstone co. for $3,400 under credit terms of 2/10 , n/60, FOB shipping point. The merchandise had cost $2,100How should this be answered by entering into Journal Entries
Financial Accounting Accounts


How do you post this journal entry in a ledger?

Profit and loss A/c. Dr(125000)Machine A/c. Dr (625000)To machine (325000)To modern machine (400000)
Financial Accounting


Calculate the interest earned for the month of November for an account that currently pays 3.1% pa.

DATE: TRANSACTION: BALANCE:Nov 1 opening balance $12500Nov 13 withdrawal $3800 $8700Nov 22 deposit $1280 $9980
Financial Accounting Business Accounting


What is the entry of it?

Bought merchandise on account 1000 and paid freight of 500
Financial Accounting


Discuss whether the doubtful debt allowance in the books of Lux Ltd, relating toSilver Ltd is appropriate at 31 December 2017. Ignore deffered tax. please help i dont understand

At 31 December 2017 a debtor, Silver Ltd, owing R 1 000 000 at that date, indicated that it would not be able to meet its full obligation and as a result, Lux Ltd recognized a doubtful debt... more
Financial Accounting Journal Entries.


Cost of machine is R4000000. useful life of 8 years and residual value of R500 000. overhaul every 4 years at R500 000 during january 2018

 lux ltd purchased a machine on 1 january 2014 at cost of R4000000. the machine has an expected economic useful life of 8 years with a residual value of R500 000. in terms of its operating... more
Financial Accounting Math Algebra 1


please help me with this problem. i am having so much trouble

An acquaintance of one of the authors was about to take his startup internet company public. He owned 5% of the 900,000 shares of stock that were issued when the company was first formed.The board... more
Financial Accounting


Accounting /Math

Apple co bought a car with an estimated life of 5 years for $!2,000. The residual value of the car is $ 2.000. What will be the amount of depreciation expense each year using the straight line... more
Financial Accounting



Eugene signed a 10,000 note at Castle Bank. he bank charges a 7% discount rate. Suppose the loan is for 150 days . Use ordinary interest to find, The proceeds, The effective rate charged by the... more
Financial Accounting


Accounting/ math

The local smoothie stand a survey showed that 2/3 of all people preferred strawberry smoothies over mango . If 2,400 people responded to the survey, how many people preferred mango smoothies
Financial Accounting


Accounting/ Math

At the local smoothie stand, a survey showed that 2/3 of all people preferred strawberry smoothies over mango smoothies. If 2,400 people responded to the survey, how many preferred mango smoothies?
Financial Accounting


Accounting/ Math

On December 31, the checkbook balance of Asteroid and co. was $ 1,241.05. The bank statement balance was $ 1,510.00. Checks outstanding were $ 3,052.03. The statement revealed a deposit in transit... more
Financial Accounting


Accounting /Business math

One day the Northwest Woodworkers Studio produced six times as many bookshelves as the Southeast Woodworking Guild. If the difference in their production is 15%, how may bookshelves did the... more
Financial Accounting Math Precalculus



1.Heather makes regular contributions to her Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP). Which investment schedule would provide for the greatest accumulated amount after one year?A) $1200 invested... more
Financial Accounting Finance Wip Inventory


Monthly WIP Inventory

If your work in process inventory increases in a month what account would you credit?
Financial Accounting


Issued an invoice

My manager earlier had collaborated under another company, so basically the company that my manager collaborated will receive the payment and later will transfer the payment to my manager's... more
Financial Accounting Balance Sheet Journal Entry


journal entries need help

Werman Peralta, Attorney at Law, opened his office on Sept. 1, 2018. the following transactions were completed during the month.a. Deposited 210,000 in the bank in the name of business.b. Bought... more
Financial Accounting Finance


Nonannual compounding:

A) You plan to make five deposits of $1000 each, one every six months , with the first payment being made In 6 months. You will then make no more deposits. If the bank pays 4% nominal interest,... more
Financial Accounting


Taxes and interest on lottery winnings

$100,000 a year for the next 10years 10 year interest rate are 5% with a current tax on lottery winnings of 40%? What is the amount you will receive today with lump sum option?
Financial Accounting Accounting


Need help with this not really understaning it

In 2021, Hope Company incurred sales on account of $184,000. The company also has the following information:    December 31, 2021   December 31, 2020 Accounts... more
Financial Accounting Finance Tax Accounting


I need some help figuring this out...

Troy Acheman is a sports caster for Everyone’s Sports Presentations Nightly. While Troy was covering a professional football game from the sideline, the Birds famous wide receiver, Harry Race, ran... more
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