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John ran 4 miles and walked 1/4 of a mile. How much farther did John run than walk?

Add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions and mixed numbers: word problems
Subtracting Fractions


if the weight of the remaining pizza is 5.9 lb, what was the weight of the whole pizza?

Bob and Carla bought a pizza. Bob ate a third of the pizza and Carla ate a fourth of the pizza.
Subtracting Fractions Algebra 1 Algebra Fractions


Why is the L.C.D (P + 2)(P - 2)?

(p/p - 2) - (p2/p2 - 4)
Subtracting Fractions Adding And Subtracting Fractions


What if your denominators are 3 and10

Kaitlin buys 9 tenths pound of orange slices. She eats 1 thirds of them and divides the rest equally into 3 bags. How much is in each bag?
Subtracting Fractions


5 1/4 plus negative 2 2/3

Five and ohe fourth plus negative two and two thirds  
Subtracting Fractions


1/2 - 1 1/3

How do I solve this 
Subtracting Fractions


Subtracting fractions

Three and one third minus two and one half equals what?

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