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how to divided -1 1/5 divided by 2 1/5

I know to turn the numbers into improper fractions, , flip the second fraction, change the division symbol to a multiplication symbol; simplify, and multiple across...but what do I do with the negative symbol?

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Treat the negative symbol as a negative 1 (-1) that is being multiplied at the same time. If there is one negative symbol, and the operation is multiplication or division, you will have a negative answer. If there are none or two negatives, you will end up with a positive answer.

In your case, follow the strategy you outlined, but keep the negative symbol. Your answer will be negative.

(-1 1/5) / (2 1/5)

= (-6/5) / (11/5)

= (-6/5) * (5/11)

= - 30/55