Sun K.

asked • 06/16/13

Solve the differential equation?

Solve the differential equation (2xy+y^3)dx+(x^2+3xy^2-2y)dy=0.

I got x^2*y+xy^3+yx^2+xy^3-y^2=C but that's not the answer. And is Differential Equations taught after Linear Algebra? If so, then is differential equations same as partial differential equations? Is partial differential equations a different course taught from differential equations? Which of these 2 comes first?

Sun K.

Do you guys know how to input this equation on Ti-89 calculator to find the answer? I know how to do this problem but I want to know this technique to check other problems. Like you press F3, then C, deSolve...How do I put this equation?



Grigori S.

I don't have T89 in my hands now, but Ias i rememeber, you have to go to MATH menu. It opens a llist of options. Scroll down the screen to get to to the line "differential equations". As I know, it opens the screen in which you can type your equation.



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Grigori S. answered • 06/17/13

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Francisco P. answered • 06/17/13

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Differential Equations is my Jam!

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